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Kids Fashion - May 24, 2019

‘I Have Passion For Afrocentric Kids Fashion’

How to become your revel in at the London kids style week

Maison Loulabelle became invited to take part inside the London children style week, which runs simultaneously with the London style week. The worldwide style week runs in two cycles that are in February and September, Maison Loulabelle attended the fashion show for February. It was a two days occasion, with the first day beginning with a style display for the industry. A lot of primary branch consumers and influencers were in attendance. The fashion display on a primary day become to show the enterprise who you are as a brand, what your brand is ready. Being at the runway turned into a very exciting time. Maison Loulabelle showcased side by using aspect with some of the first-rate manufacturers like Karl Lagerfeld kids who was the lead dressmaker for Chanel and the London youngsters style week became the closing display for Karl Lagerfeld kids before he died. It turned into a super honor to show off alongside some of the renowned manufacturers. The 2d day of the display turned into a purchaser display and this changed into just showing most people what you have got on the ground- pretty tons you’re equipped to wear seems.


What was the cause at the back of London Kids fashion show?

The whole factor of the London children fashion display is to create a network in the kid’s style area and create a network within the youngster’s area because the youngster’s fashion quarter is a fast developing quarter globally and not just to exhibit the designers, however, the children too.  And we are counted ourselves lucky and blessed to be selected to take part in this sort of laudable occasion.

Did you have got any problems on the fashion week and of what gain became it to Maison Loulabelle?

Going there exposed me to movers and shakers in the children enterprise. One of the main takeaways I had is that it’s very easy for humans in the western international to see African style as dress up and that changed into the most important element that appealed to them approximately our brand. In regards to the feedback, we got from photographers, stylist, influencers, the foremost component we were given was how refreshing it becomes too see an African logo with African designs that would cut throughout the western sphere and African sphere. I became truly glad that I discovered a Nigerian mother who lived in Europe and her youngsters were taking part in modeling. She changed into very useful because there were loads of people at the style display and I became the simplest brand coming from Nigeria and he or she kept telling me approximately the designers and the human beings I must meet. We were capable of supply some of our portions to pinnacle stylists and celeb kids, and also worldwide magazines were given our pieces to fashion youngsters for a photoshoot. We also had masses of worldwide collaborations and one of the important take-homes I were given is what they call global takeover wherein brands like us get to collaborate with other key influencers to promote our logo to a few parts of the western international who don’t patronize African style. We have some of our seems with huge luxurious magazines and we also have big global collaboration that I’m simply satisfied with that due to the fact it’s miles putting Maison Loulabelle children style, Nigerian style and African fashion on an international stage, and I’m so blessed and thankful to be a pioneer spearheading this variation and cognizance for the industry at the continent.

What is your projection based at the exposure at fashion week?

I’m truly looking forward to pics from this collaboration. I sit up for breaking that glass that seems none people can destroy thru. My hope and prayer is that as we cross into this collaboration we’d begin to trap the eyes of global shoppers due to the fact I actually have my eyes on some expert children’ shops and luxury kids put on outlets if they may convey my logo in their shops. That is considered one of thing I’m hoping that this exposure brings and I wish our uniqueness puts us beforehand of the curve of different manufacturers.  I’m hoping to work into this type of big brands in Europe and see Maison Loulabelle fashion on their racks.

What become the sturdy factor you proved which will infiltrate the Western youngsters style?

The capacity to bridge the gap between Afrocentric youngsters style and everyday kids style in addition to infuse luxurious into African kids fashion became pretty instructive. Getting to London become very interesting for us due to the fact it is something that, as a logo, we’ve in no way been used to. Of route, there are style suggests that show up here in Nigeria, but this one become on another degree. First of all, there are four extraordinary fashion suggests in the global specifically: the London fashion week, Milan, New york and Paris. To be part of one of the predominant fashion indicates is some thing I can’t placed into words.

Afrocentric children style isn’t a normal logo on the subject of fashion. What inspired this brand?

Prior to organising this brand, I labored as a representative for diverse World Bank and DFID programmes. I even have Masters Degree in Human Resource Management from Robert Golden University Aberdeen. Basically as a consultant, I ought to control my very own time, so my hours had been flexible and I earned an awesome amount of money for my time. I began commercial enterprise when I have become a new mother. That left me with greater time on my palms and so I figured I ought to select my paintings hours and my transport desires and awareness on my ardour on the time, which is fashion.

I love African fashion, I love all matters African. Sometimes we don’t recognize how special we’re, but when you have lived or grow up out of doors the country, you’ll apprehend how specific and unique our culture is. However, understanding that I’ve always cherished things Afrocentric, I desired so that you can dress my daughter in Afrocentric fashion, but there was none to offer me the kind of favor that I appreciated- high-priced, cutting-edge, current and all of that. So, once I enrolled at the fashion academy, we had homework to make women’s stuff but I might pass domestic and discover myself making stuff for my daughter as an alternative. Then I realised that my ardour changed into now not always in girls’s style however there has been a gap in youngsters’s fashion that I had to fill.


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