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Hair Care - April 8, 2019

I Tried Oribe’s New Collection for Afro-Textured Hair, and Here’s My Honest Review

It’s never been a higher time to shop for hair products as a black individual with kinky, curly, or coily hair. Between the wealth of affordable beauty deliver and drugstore options and the comparably priced or slightly extra costly Instagram-pleasant manufacturers (lots of that are owned by black ladies), there’s no shortage of alternatives for oldsters with get entry to to a great drugstore or the Internet in terms of exceedingly textured hair.
As a splendor editor, I’ve tried pretty much each curl pudding, gel, cowash, go away-in, and oil from a wide range of brands. But I always noticed when it came to luxury manufacturers, there had been options I could use for cleaning and conditioning my hair, however for the maximum component it stopped there. For styling, I became pretty plenty on my own, because the wave sprays and curl-improving creams they offer typically did not do anything for my curly, Afro-textured hair. Even after I become told, “This works for all curl kinds” or “Yes, this could paintings to your texture,” when I without a doubt went to strive the products, I couldn’t help however surprise if they even so much as to test them on anybody with hair similar to mine.
It’s exceedingly irritating, particularly in a way of life that glaringly admires and emulates the classy styling selections of black girls — as long as said aesthetics are provided on anybody but black women. Plus, black ladies have cash to spend on beauty merchandise. In truth, we outspend every body else inside the beauty marketplace, so it’s miles nonetheless curious to me why greater luxury brands have not rolled out collections to ideal your wash-and-gos, twist-outs, or locs. (OK, perhaps it is not that a great deal of a mystery: At this factor, given the lack of options excessive-give up brands usually have for Afro-textured hair, it is simply bad commercial enterprise as usual.) It every now and then feels as if many luxurious hair-care manufacturers are definitely deciding on now not to cope with the hair desires of black girls with herbal hair.

But the parents at Oribe are creating a exchange: The luxurious hair-care brand is rolling out its latest, a set for quite textured, type-4 hair, tapping pro stylist and textured hair educator Stacey Ciceron to develop it. The four-piece range is an extension of the logo’s Moisture & Control collection and includes a Deep Treatment Masque ($63), a Priming Lotion Leave-In ($38), a Curl Gelée ($forty four), and a Styling Butter Curl Enhancing Crème ($forty six), all with the signature Oribe fragrance.

“The [natural hair] community have been seeking to parent out herbal hair on its very own, and those had to search excessive and coffee for things to satisfy their desires,” Ciceron stated in a press launch. “Now there are greater options, but humans want to have an elevated enjoy. Because this market is not saturated with options, we need to be one of the first to offer this improve. It’s time for everyone to be #oribeobsessed.”
The minute information of the discharge hit my inbox, I changed into pumped, and no longer just due to the fact the brand has splendid merchandise. Oribe has a number of the exceptional packaging in the sport, and as someone who has now not one but arrogance trays in their room, the idea of having one of these beautiful bottles — full of product I may want to genuinely use — to place on show became impossible to resist. I knew my shelfie game was approximately to stage up, however my hair recreation? Well, I’d have to strive the goods to determine that.

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