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Hair Care - March 24, 2019

Looking for sustainable hair care merchandise? Davines is the brand for you

Beauty in sustainability
I would love people to know about the company because the goods are coming from the values of Davines. The employer has a unique perspective inside the beauty enterprise. We commenced the journey to emerge as a more and more sustainable business enterprise a few years in the past. I want the affiliation between Davines and sustainability to be very very robust.” This is what Paolo Braguzzi, leader government officer of Davines, would love clients to realize about their merchandise.

Davines is an Italian, family-owned hair-care brand, distributed the world over in 70 nations. Emirates Woman met with the organization’s CEO and Haysam Eid, who is in fee of dispensing the goods in the location, at the Professional Beauty exhibition
in Dubai.

What is the story in the back of Davines? How did it come approximately?

Paolo Braguzzi: It started in 1983, so it’s miles a highly younger organization. It became founded by a pair. They already have information within the enterprise, and they commenced literally of their garage. It grows by way of coincidence. They have been constructing a small manufacturing unit, but it becomes no longer prepared, so they indeed began within the garage. This family spirit has been a part of the organization because then.

For the first ten years, the couple centered on developing and producing merchandise for different groups. Then the second one generation joined the enterprise in 1993. Davide [Bollati] is the chairman of the employer. He has a scientific history, he’s a pharmacist, and he has a masters degree in cosmetic chemistry. So, he determined to strengthen the lab and on the equal time to start his emblem.

As an Italian logo, what are the steps that Davines took to interrupt into different markets?

PB: I think two matters. The first one is an entirely humanistic technique to the business. You recognize that Italy becomes domestic to the Renaissance. The concept to have guy and girl because the center is coming from our lifestyle and it’s far solid for us. Something else is a good experience for design. We are very lots obsessed via stunning design. We try to reflect it in our products and our new Davines Village.

Do you feel like positive shampoos and conditioners are more in demand depending at you? S .?
PB: For example, are the pinnacle selling merchandise in Italy the same as the ones in say the UAE? I knew you were going to ask this, so I checked and, accept as true with it, or no longer, the fine dealers in Italy are the same as the pleasant dealers inside the UAE. In Italy, the primary exceptional seller is a styling rod, which is the curling serum. So perhaps the kind of hair right here is comparable.

What is the most critical challenge that Davines has faced because 

PB: At the beginning, it changed into a chunk challenging to speak approximately sustainability. Everyone was telling us that we were incorrect. Hairdressers care about traits and fashion, not durability. But now the course taken by way of the society is in our favor, and more and more human beings care, so existence is becoming simpler.

What has been the employer’s most significant 

PB: I assume it’s the Davines Village, that is our new workplaces and factory. It becomes the dream of Davide, on account that forever. The concept becomes no longer just to have a manufacturing facility or a warehouse; it grew to create a building; that’s a declaration for all the fee that we trust in. It is a hundred percentage emissions-free constructing. We don’t use fossil fuels. We are completing the building of a stunning botanic garden, where we can develop our components.

What makes your products distinct from the numerous manufacturers 

PB: We are captivated with design and overall performance. Like every other employer, we believe that we’ve terrific products. However, there’s a soul at the back of it. Whenever we increase the product, we try to use the product to supply a message.

Are there plans to amplify the employer’s operations within the UAE and the Middle East?
Haysam Eid: Certainly, we had been working carefully with Davines, searching at different possibilities inside the Middle East, and soon we can hopefully be ultimate a deal with a sub-distributor in Saudi Arabia. That has been our significant recognition. It is the market within the Middle East. Probably after this, we can examine neighboring countries, like Kuwait, with the intention to probably be the following stage.

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