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Beauty Tips - March 24, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Moisturizing Natural Hair

Just about every curl cream, twisting butter, detangling conditioner, and strengthening mask inside the herbal hair section of the beauty aisle guarantees one aspect: moisture. And there’s a valid cause for that. Curly and coily hair kinds — by using nature — are dry AF.

“Our scalp produces oils, however, given the coily nature of Afro-textured hair, that oil does not journey down the shaft,” Yolanda Lenzy, MD, explains to Refinery29. When these natural oils do not reach the ends of hair, strands need to be moisturized in every other manner. Hence, the hundreds of hydrating merchandise marketed to women and men with natural hair.

But moisturizing Afro hair requires greater than slathering on oil and calling it a day. Understanding your hair, customizing your ordinary, and getting the right products are essential to curls which can be healthy and juicy. Ahead, we rounded up expert-accredited tips for moisturizing your natural hair at domestic.

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