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Winter Fashion - May 24, 2019

Anne Hathaway Actually Has the Cutest Winter Wardrobe We’ve Ever Seen

Looking cute all through wintry weather is difficult, OK? If you’re now not continuously freezing or hiding yourself in a giant-ass puffer, you’re inner sweating due to the fact a person became the warmth up too damn high. (I’m looking at you, Lisa!!) Leave it to the tremendous Anne Hathaway to truely show us all how wintry weather fashion is executed. Anne Hathaway wore three (!!) superb winter clothing within the equal day, officially triumphing her the name of cutest iciness wardrobe ever—and my new idol.

Hathaway’s winter seems took her from sunrise—seriously, she changed into at Good Morning, America earlier than the solar got here up—to dusk, with a little something in between. Each outfit turned into absolutely distinctive. I mean, she didn’t even maintain on the same shoes. As I take a seat right here inside the same shirt I’ve been sporting for the past four days, I’m beginning to feel a little like maybe I ought to take a web page from Anne Hathaway’s fashion e-book. (Laundry is high priced in my building! Don’t judge me!)


Seriously, Hathaway started out off Wednesday morning with a look I idea could never be topped. (Just keep reading, and also you’ll see me prove myself wrong.) In a red get dressed, matching cool AF accordion purse and yellow plaid trench coat, Anne Hathaway looked higher than each person has earlier than sunrise. She looks as if she virtually slept the night time before, that’s like, a foreign idea to me—in particular when you have to be wakeful and glam earlier than 6 a.M. Girl should have had at least six cups of espresso beforehand.

Later that day, Hathaway left the Good Morning America studio in a very different ensemble. (She’s like the revolving door of adorable iciness clothing.) This look gave me general The Matrix vibes. The dark chocolate-cherry leather skirt, long inexperienced trench and newly introduced sunnies—the sun had come up at this factor—kept Anne Hathaway searching distinctly chic. Plus, the animal print heels she wore accelerated the complete ensemble with the aid of adding a some diffused pattern. Someone please get me her stylist.

Outdoing her personal rattling morning self, Anne Hathaway confirmed as much as a screening of her new film Serenity wearing the prettiest skirt I’ve ever visible in my complete lifestyles. It was like flowing water and those geode rocks you acquire as a child melded into one mind-blowing sheer skirt. Under the skirt, Hathaway wore a turtleneck bodysuit—an appropriate combination of sexy and “It’s cold outside, so I’d like my neck to be warm, please.” Honestly, what a wintry weather queen.

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