I’ve made it recognized in this very web site that I without a doubt, definitely love body lotion. I can not stand even the faintest whiff of that dry-pores and skin feeling, and I truely don’t mind being a little greasy most of the time. I also understand that — similar to my ongoing disinterest in watching “Game of Thrones” — I’m within the absolute minority here. But as someone who’s regularly jogging overdue, I can appreciate simply how annoying it’s miles to be all slathered in body cream or oil and must wait a solid 20 minutes earlier than I’m capable of easily slip into a couple of denims. I suggest, I actually have a existence! I actually have “Game of Thrones” episodes to be defiantly not watching for no actual reason!

That’s why Nécessaire’s body lotion became a actual sport changer for me; it satisfyingly moisturizes and additionally absorbs amazingly quick. But it is also $25, and so I’d been looking round for a greater price range-friendly option to propose to all the ones heavy-frame-lotion haters obtainable. Enter: Flamingo’s $nine version.


Developed by using direct-to-purchaser women’s body care brand Flamingo, its intention is to keep pores and skin both hydrated and smooth; it includes willowbark and papaya extract for mild exfoliation, in addition to hydrators and smoothing retailers, like glycerin, squalane and dimethicone. An astonishingly light-weight cream, it also absorbs in a depend of seconds. I can observe it then pull denims literally a minute later without that icky, sticky feeling, even if it’s humid out.

Unlike Nécessaire’s model, this components does have a fragrance to it, and for my part it is a downright heavenly one: a sensitive, barely musky combination of pear and vetiver. I already understand this lotion could be a staple for me all through the summer season.

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