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Winter Fashion - May 24, 2019

Nordstrom sorry, however Sikhs watch for Gucci apology for turban they observed offensive

Nordstrom has apologized to Sikhs for promoting a turban they discovered offensive, however, a consultant with the U.S. Community’s pinnacle civil rights company said Saturday they’re nonetheless ready to listen from the Gucci brand that designed it.

“We experience that groups are commodifying and capitalizing on something that is expensive and sacred to human beings around the arena,” stated Simran Jeet Singh, a senior fellow with the New York-based Sikh Coalition, who stated the turban has a deep spiritual importance for the guys of his religion.

“And there’s tension over the fact that the very article of our religion has been the point of interest of a lot hate and violence and bullying,” he said, recalling that Sikhs wearing turbans had been attacked in hate crimes, along with a person killed near Phoenix some days after 9/11.


The contemporary criticism springs from a Gucci head wrap that till Wednesday changed into advertised on Nordstrom’s website for $790 as the “Indy Full Turban.” The description stated the “gorgeously crafted turban is prepared to show heads whilst maintaining you in comfort as well as trademark fashion.”

The Nordstrom website on Saturday nonetheless had a connection with a Gucci “head wrap,” but it became indexed as bought out and it changed into not pictured.

“We have decided to prevent wearing this product and feature eliminated it from the website online. It was in no way our cause to disrespect this religious and cultural image. We virtually express regret to each person who might also were angry via this,” the department shop said in a tweet.

Gucci’s turban was first talked about remaining wintry weather, whilst a white version walked the runway wearing it during a fashion show.

Gucci had now not spoken back to the grievance over the product by Saturday. Emails in search of remark had been sent to Gucci through its public family members representatives and a corporate fashion services internet site.

“When companies suitable articles of religion, they do now not think about the discrimination Sikhs face while adhering to the tenets in their faith. We recognize @Nordstrom’s reputation of this problem & apology; we hope @Gucci will observe in shape,” the Sikh Coalition said in a Thursday tweet.

The coalition become fashioned after Balbir Singh Sodhi, a bearded Sikh American carrying a turban, became shot and killed on Sept. 15, 2001, inside the Phoenix suburb of Mesa whilst he changed into mistaken for an Arab Muslim.

Frank Roque, forty two, changed into quoted in police reports as saying “all Arabs needed to be shot” and he desired to “slit a few Iranians’ throats.” Roque is serving a life sentence in jail for first-diploma murder.

In another assault on the community, a white supremacist opened fire on a Wisconsin Sikh temple in 2012, killing six people and wounding five others earlier than killing himself.

Sikhs across the US and around the world have taken to social media to lambaste Gucci, including Taran Parmar, a radio journalist for News 1130 in Vancouver, Canada.

“Seriously @Nordstrom @gucci ?” she wrote. “The turban is one of the maximum crucial and symbolic articles of faith for Sikhs, and you’re promoting it as a fashion accessory to make cash? This isn’t always the primary time you’ve come below hearth for cultural appropriation. Do higher.”

Gucci in latest months has grappled with court cases from the black community inside the U.S. Over a sweater humans observed offensive.

Gucci President and CEO Marco Bizzarri this month attended a Gucci-backed event in New York’s Harlem in addition to a current style show presenting London-based totally black dressmaker Ozwald Boateng on the Apollo Theater to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance.

In February, the emblem apologized and removed from its online and bodily shops a turtleneck black wool balaclava sweater that might be pulled over the chin and nose. It blanketed a slit along the mouth, ringed with what appear to be large pink lips and evoked blackface for many humans.


Also in February, Katy Perry’s style line pulled two forms of footwear providing protruding eyes, nose and crimson lips that critics likened to blackface. The singer and agency stated they have been saddened it was being in comparison to blackface and stated the designs as a substitute have been envisioned as a nod to “present day art and surrealism.”

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