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Hair Care - April 8, 2019

Ladies! Here are 4 Pre-Holi Hair Care Tips to Keep Your Tresses from Damage

Your Hair is maximum vulnerable to colours, chemical substances and water damage on Holi. While not anything have to deter you from playing the festival of colours, a touch hair care can maintain your strands from spoiling. Here’s what you can do on your pre and submit Holi hair care:
Deep Conditioning
Dry hair is extra prone to damage due to color. Deep conditioning your hair night time earlier than Holi can soothe dry hair strands and prevent the shade from penetrating for your hair shaft. Also, if you have break up ends, cross for a trim to lessen the harm.
Use a Protectant
Nothing works best than the coolest vintage coconut oil to guard your hair from shade-damage. Smudge coconut oil from roots to hints on every and each hair strand.


It will no longer only protect your hair from color however additionally help you style your hair in a really perfect pinnacle knot or French tail!
Shield in opposition to UV
During Holi celebrations, you can not cover from the dangerous UV rays and sunshine. While you could arm your skin with SPF 50+ sunscreens, it is your hair that wishes to be blanketed by means of either using a bandana or going for a solar-protective spray.
Follow-Up with Hair Mask
Post Holi, ditch your everyday shampoo and use an intense smooth shampoo to rinse off the color, nourish your hair with a hair mask and follow up with a gentle massage to enhance blood stream!

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