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Accessories - May 23, 2019

Hidden Valley Released a Line of Ranch-Themed Summer Clothes and Accessories

At first blush, ranch dressing’s affiliation with being “cool” (just like the temperature, no longer like Fonzie) appears a bit unfounded. Spooning ranch into your mouth sincerely received’t help you beat the warmth. But digging a little deeper, the dressing does earn its stripes. For one, up until bottled ranch was delivered inside the ‘80s, ranch dressing turned into organized sparkling with milk or buttermilk — that means not like oil-primarily based dressings, ranch turned into evidently cool. Meanwhile, ranch works as an excellent antidote to highly spiced flavors — that’s why it pairs properly with buffalo wings (at least when blue cheese dressing isn’t round, of direction!) — so that could be seen as having a “cooling” effect. Plus, ranch-flavored Doritos are, by their very call, “Cool.”


But this summer season, the original ranch logo, Hidden Valley, wants to assist human beings actually beat the heat — no dressing required. Today, Hidden Valley Ranch has launched its first-ever series of summer clothes and accessories that are for sale online whilst components closing.

In all, Hidden Valley has delivered seven new summer time-themed items to the Ranch Shop. They include swimsuits: a Men’s Swim Trunks — which characteristic a pattern of cartoony ranch bottles and pizza slices — and a Women’s One Piece Swimsuit — offering the slogan “I Put Ranch on My Ranch.” There’s a Ranch & Pizza Shirt proposing a matching design to the Men’s Trunks. You also can find beach essentials — consisting of a towel, a tote, and a water bottle. And lastly, no summer time might be whole without a Hidden Valley Ranch Pool Float, which, as you will wish, is within the form of a massive bottle of ranch dressing.

Prices on these objects variety from $15 to $50 — not always reasonably-priced, however no longer as financial institution-breaking as the $a hundred and sixty Hidden Valley Ranch Fountain (which is also to be had for sale in the store). Basically, if inexperienced is your coloration and ranch is your dressing, these swimsuits and accessories might be up your alley. And permit’s be honest, ranch dressing is now the most famous salad dressing in America, so ranch doesn’t even must be actually cool; it’s figuratively cool as nicely. Like Fonzie!

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