Accessories - May 23, 2019


Cashify has introduced its new e-commerce platform that it’ll soon launch in India. The new on-line portal will provide refurbished gadgets where smartphones might be the key consciousness section but the organization will later introduce other categories like refurbished tablets, laptops and gaming consoles.

Cashify has completed 6 years within the Re-commerce industry and the logo is ready to take every other jump, with the release of its E-commerce platform to sell refurbished devices in India. The company has introduced the approaching launch of its accent brand and might be selling a range of accessories via its e-commerce platform as well as via offline kiosks beginning in June 2019. The listing of refurbished smartphones manufacturers includes Xiaomi, Apple, OnePlus, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, and Huawei, with a 6-month warranty.


While Cashify is already working on a distributor and retailer network in India and has been selling refurbished smartphones across the offline section of the marketplace, that is going to be the emblem’s massive venture into the second one-hand telephone market. Cashify has installed operation facilities throughout five cities (Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru) in India. All the refurbished devices may be very well examined right here and licensed with 6-month put up-buy assurance.

Apart from that, the brand has additionally planned to open a series of distinctive Cashify Stores; the first one will open in Faridabad and could be operational very soon. This shop could be Cashify’s one-forestall platform for customers to promote their old smartphones, repair damaged/damaged displays, or purchase any accent they need for his or her smartphones. Cashify has also planned to open 10 more unique stores throughout the country by way of the cease of 2019. As of now, the emblem has 23 offline kiosks across five cities in India, for clients to promote their antique smartphones right away.

Mr. Mandeep Manocha, Co-Founder & CEO – Cashify stated, “In our 6 years of journey in the Indian marketplace, we’re happy that we were capable of lead the re-trade phase and make a mark in the industry. Cashify, as a partner brand, has been capable of forge sturdy partnerships with leading cellphone brands like Xiaomi, Vivo, Apple, OnePlus, Nokia and has introduced extremely good results. We are looking ahead to making a robust presence inside the re-furbished machine market, starting off with smartphones as a category and might be adding other dimensions to it in destiny. With best product offering and a 6-month carrier promise, we are able to’t wait to put off the accept as true with deficit that exists within the refurbished items marketplace. We need to make this business imparting but some other road to access exceptional re-furbished merchandise at most low-cost expenses. We look forward to making Cashify a more holistic brand for telephone users.”

Cashify is currently the biggest Re-trade brand in India and has improved its enterprise presence in 40 towns thus far, from 15 towns till March 2018. Cashify is likewise an one-of-a-kind buyback partner for brands like Apple, Xiaomi, and OnePlus in India. The organization has also facilitated buyback and upgrade applications for Nokia, Vivo, and Samsung in India. Currently, the brand has again partnered with OnePlus for an confident buyback and upgrade software for his or her lately-launched OnePlus 7 collection.

Cashify has raised $12 million led by way of China’s personal equity company CDH Investments and early-stage fund Morningside Ventures in conjunction with strategic investor AiHouShou in July 2018. The emblem additionally has Blume Ventures and M&S partners as its buyers, and has utilized the finances for developing enterprise in India, increasing the offline reach, and scaling pop-up save offerings. Cashify has been tapping into AiHouShou’s era, operational and again-stop abilties to increase its enterprise inside the India marketplace and it has been paying off genuinely nicely for the brand up to now.

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